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You Live, you Learn. Donald Trump is a Liar! I Can Say it Here!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

First and foremost, I am an activist! I got into teaching as a second career after working in the mental health and addictions sector for five years with marginalized folx. I have always spoken up when I see injustice, and so that is what prompted me to quickly put a lesson together this morning as I figured many educators were feeling similarly disheartened.

Individuals quickly reminded me about the importance of objectivity as educators and at first I responded with, well it is the truth, he is a liar, with many fact checks that have been done again and again!

News flash, we are all here on borrowed land that was stolen from Indigenous folx.

HOW IS THIS ALLOWED? I know we need to do better and be better, but really upset! Also very thankful, because when you know better you do better.

How in the world is the biggest narcissist allowed to get away with all that he has incited in his time in the White House?

Imagine what would happen if Obama made such a summon to his supporters?

How in the world was the attire so drastically different for those called in to "calm" the protests yesterday compared to those from the #BLM Black Lives Matter movement just a short time ago? I am so tired of being tired and I am not not even Black. I have heard the statement, "I am tired," so many times out of the mouths of my coloured friends (especially my Black friends) and those all over the world speaking about their unjust treatment as Black #FOLX.

As mentioned above,this is a second career for me. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, I still recall the exact moment, my professor Leo Smits, RIP, pulled the following image up on the white screen:

I still remember his exact words, "When you're Black it's looting, when you're White, it's survival." Same story, different year (context obviously differs).

Photo source:

I am also angry with how the media continues to portrays villains based on their skin tone or name:

I honestly ask you this, prior to yesterday, some of you may have convinced yourselves #whiteprivilege does not exist, are you really going to tell me you still believe that lie you may mentally compartmentalized? PLEASE wake up, stand up!





This bothers me so much when we say we are in 2021 and let's stand up and advocate, but wait...

We have to proceed with caution. Where is Donald Trump's caution? I saw a picture of a Black man in tears being held like he was about to be beheaded. HOW?!

I could go on and on, but I am literally mind blown and feel the need to speak up. I edited my presentation after reflecting. Thanks to those who had my back as fellow educators as we are held to a particular standard.

This also reminds me though of how we have been taught the history of Indigenous FOLX whom we continue to marginalize, think Miꞌkmaq in Nova Scotia. All those that struggle with the aftermath of the trauma from a culture being stolen from them in the midst of an attempt to cause cultural genocide and erase their beautiful holistic roots. I AM LIVID! How will this history be written? Who will write the books that my boys read when they are older? It is our obligation to share!

Today was an optimum time to start tackling the movements that have been happening around the world such as:

I also used my professional judgement as I work in a diverse school board, where the families of my students are impacted by either the #BLM Black Lives Matter movements or #istandwithfarmers.

You use your judgement and teach accordingly, but make sure you are letting your students know what is happening in the world in a sensitive manner. It went very well, we skipped the sections that were not pertinent, but so proud of our students! They truly are amazing, and it turns out a few of them went to the farmers rallies here in Toronto!

How in the world is the biggest narcissist allowed to get away with all that he has incited in his time in the White House?

Imagine what would happen if Obama made such a summon to his supporters?

If you like my resources and would like to say thank you. Take care of yourselves, mental health matters! You matter, and always use your voice to speak up against injustices!

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