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Lying Lecce...Reading Lesson Presentation up next. Stay tuned!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Incredibly excited to share that I am so incredibly humbled and inspired by the incredible feedback and support that I have received from other educators who are struggling with how to navigate the realities that we are all expected to face. It is my absolute pleasure to share my presentations for FREE as so many other educators have helped me navigate this journey! Thank you to everyone online and in person who continues to help one another. Thank you as well for downloading and making copies of my New Year's presentation, I am shocked at the amount of support received, and am now inspired to keep on working on more free content. Please be sure to check out my other lessons that I have posted on topics such as Diwali, the 5 Senses, the Solar System, 2D Shapes and Representing Numbers in Different Ways! I will be updating them with Google copies so that I do not have to individually email folx with the content separately.

I have been bothered as many others have by the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce. Here is the thing, Stephen Lecce is blatantly lying when he publicly asserts the following as if there is no way to verify with educators, school boards and unions whether or not...


The reality is that most educators always have, and always will take part in professional development as most of us are life long learners. It is an absolute insult when you have over 200,000 educators between all of the teachers' unions in Ontario. Give us a break, tell the truth for once. We are humans. We are drained. We are parents. We are partners. We are siblings. We are passionate. We are resilient. We have limits though, as does everyone else! However, we are not immune to the impacts of stress and mental health while trying to juggle all the hats we have outside of our traditional and newly implemented classrooms.

Another piece I would like to add is, we never asked for this whole situation with online learning. There is absolutely nothing better than in person teaching, but the realities of Covid 19 have created a double edged type of reality for teachers who seem to be immune from all social distancing protocols, when not in the class. We all appreciate that we have consistent income coming in, but the amount of occasional/supply teachers whose livelihood has been changed like never before is unreal. The point is, when will this end? How many teachers need to be mentally burnt out? I have witnessed way too many educators speaking about how mentally drained they are, many in tears, having anxiety attacks among other symptoms of this situation. When I worked in mental health and addictions prior to starting my teaching path, the statistics said 1 in 4 of us (regardless of anything) are impacted by mental health. Think about it!

Educators are not immune to mental health! I have created my website and social media handles that follow my physical and mental health journey along with my advocacy measures as well other bits and sprinkles of my life. Would be super honoured if you could check out, like and follow the following if interested, thanks!

If you like my resources and would like to say thank you. Take care of yourselves, mental health matters! You matter, and always use your voice to speak up against injustices! YouTube:


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