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"Momma, I pooed..."

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

"Over there..." Oh the joys of potty training! As we have been potty training our younger son, Dayal, it has been interesting to say the least. These words illicit a feeling of goodness compared to "Momma, I need to poo." One can wish! Let me share what happened this past Monday during a union meeting that I was chairing. Not only did he have a "Momma I pooed" incident once, but twice. Thankful and blessed for our committee members that were so understanding that I had to run in and out of the meeting that I was supposed to be chairing. Good times indeed! How has your potty training been with your little ones? Does anyone else also notice that they tend to poo much more when you need to do something work or mommy related rather than when you are with them? Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks, and #happy #Saturday #5days #until #Christmasbreak #teachersbelike #tagyoureit #lol #parentlife #mommybloggers #momlife #pottytraining #goodtimes #blessed #ketopreet #xmas #winterbreak

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