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I Can and Will Read!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Hi everyone, in the spirit of sharing free resources, worked quite a bit on this one as well, but we all do on all of our lessons, but that is what we do because we are educators and we are awesome! I seriously hope everyone is holding up as best as they possibly can with the change in teaching methodologies and all else that we were told and trained our selves on, in spite of what Lying Lecce asserts about us all receiving mandatory training, okay! That is a lie as I stated in my other post! Shame on you!

Anyhow, I took a chance and created my first learning video. Jack Hartman, have your people call my people, aka me! One can wish :) It all starts somewhere, but in the midst of teaching online and all of the other roles that are important to me, I did my best, and much like in the lesson and infographic below and the power of yet! I will get there ;) We all will, one day for sure!

Hope you enjoy this presentation. Take it easy on my first attempt at singing beyond my classroom and my children. Kindergarten teaches us to lose your nerves and I did it as publicly as one could possibly do, all in the open! Proud of myself though as we all should be with how much we have accomplished since this pandemic changed all we know about teaching and life in general!

Please make sure you take care of your wellness and mental health! I say this in many of the online groups, we are replaceable, our wellness is not! #youmatter #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #educators #wellness

Copy of I can and will read
Download PDF • 1.49MB

Copy of Google Doc, Google Slides:

If you like my resources and would like to say thank you. Take care of yourselves, mental health matters! You matter, and always use your voice to speak up against injustices!

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Why not take a look at the other sprinkles on my site as well? Would truly appreciate all and any support! Thank you!

If you are looking for other content related to kindergarten, please send me a message and I will attempt to work on those areas soon and continue to post for free!

I had set this up, but forgot to add it to my page. Completely optional, but any amount is appreciated if you're able to do so and only if you wish to. Thanks so much for all of the support, one way or another. Take care of your wellness!

Educators are not immune to mental health! I have created my website and social media handles that follow my physical and mental health journey along with my advocacy measures as well other bits and sprinkles of my life. Would be super honoured if you could check out, like and follow the following if interested, thanks!



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