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Hidden Gem Alert! Ontario Teachers Federation

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

While taking a special education AQ, I came across

It is one of the most amazing special education websites I have come across. If you are stressed about a student and how to support them, this site will help make your life a lot easier! You will know what I mean, when see how supports are laid out by a students' learning needs.

It was created by the Ontario Teachers Federation. I have a cute little story about this one! When I attended my first annual meeting for the Elementary Teachers Federation, I was at a speaker sharing something, and something in my heart said, just share it, and so I did. Many who know me, know I often say what is on my mind and more :) All jokes aside, so glad I did! While at some of the booths in the lobby, it turned out the person who helped launch it was there, it was amazing connecting with this person, who for me felt like a celebrity. Amazing when you meet people behind the passion! It is seriously not known well enough and helps to alleviate so much stress.

We are facing unprecedented levels of stress as educators as we tackle all of the other roles that we have beyond the classroom. Humans, period, are being tested with their mental health and being an advocate around mental health, I think it is so important to pay it forward however you can. These small gestures of kindness I have seen online with the educator community rallying to support one another, have been so inspiring. I am often responding to posts in which I share resources with "My heart is so full," because it seriously is with the way we are all trying to help one another! Have a great day and check the site out!

PS it is in English and French as well!

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