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Here we go again...the holiday Covid carb funk :S

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I have been happy to take part in a ton of hilarious memes and have equally enjoyed sharing a ton of them on my Instagram (@Keto_preet) page, but the truth is aunty flow (TMI, sorry) has been in town. First world problems for sure, but fallen off track, but as have many others! I do no feel too awful about it, because I honestly needed a break and the amount of support I have received has been unimaginable, so thank you to everyone! I hope everyone is making the most of this time, and enjoying a much needed break. Thank you again to all front line workers who do not have the luxury or ability to spend this important time of year with their loved ones. I also beg of you to please pay attention to what is happening in India with the #largest #farmersportests #istandwithfarmers. It is imperative that the world is aware of all that is happening with the government trying to trample on farmers rights. Modi aligns himself with the likes of Trump, and other "business" moguls that are quite frankly, never satisfied. I am beyond devastated with this as I was born in Canada, but raised in Punjab, India with my grandfather who was a proud farmer. I miss him and all that he stood for. When we say it is in our blood, we do not joke! This is not about religion, as tons of religions are standing together! Amazing movements are forming the world over as the media tries to feed you their version of events. Thanks! Any questions, happy to direct you to sources! Have a wonderful day and take the time for yourself, whatever that looks like! <3

Even if I feel down on myself, as is human nature, got this picture from a dear friend and it really made me remember where I started, and why! Incredibly proud!

This was me less than 3 years ago on the left and on the right during the much need break!

If you like my resources and would like to say thank you. Take care of yourselves, mental health matters! You matter, and always use your voice to speak up against injustices!

Educators are not immune to mental health! I have created my website and social media handles that follow my physical and mental health journey along with my advocacy measures as well other bits and sprinkles of my life. Would be super honoured if you could check out, like and follow the following if interested, thanks! YouTube:


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