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Hair Love Black History Month Lesson Free Lesson With Asynchronous Activities & Cuteness Overload

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I cannot believe it is already almost February. Wanted to share this lesson so that we could get into Black History Month, which shouldn't just be limited to one month! Nonetheless, I am including some links to building on the fiction and non fiction lesson and will also explore parts of fictional stories in this lesson. Hope you enjoy, thanks!

FICTION AND NON-FICTION LESSON connected to this one...

Love the YouTube reading I selected as well because representation matters! Thanks.

PDF of the Presentation:

General Black History Month Kindergarten
Download • 1.52MB

Google Docs Copy (edit as per your needs)

If you like my resources and would like to say thank you. Take care of yourselves, mental health matters! You matter, and always use your voice to speak up against injustices!

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