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Democracy & Advocacy (Right and Wrong) Connections to BLM and Black History Month (Introduction)

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Sharing this quickly. Incredibly upset and disheartened, but it is our job to discuss this with our students.

PS! This content can easily be modified and used for Black History Month.

Use your professional judgement. I teach kindergarten and did not include pictures from yesterday for obvious reasons. I beg and urge you not to make this about yourself. It will not be comfortable, but it is indeed necessary.

*My apologies as there were a few errors that colleagues helped to correct, truly appreciate it! It has since been updated.*

Doc link for your own copy:

If you like my resources and would like to say thank you. Take care of yourselves, mental health matters! You matter, and always use your voice to speak up against injustices!

PDF Copy

This is also a huge part of the work that my BIPOC colleagues and I do with @teachingbeyondthesurface

I had set this up, but forgot to add it to my page. Completely optional, but any amount is appreciated if you're able to do so and only if you wish to. Thanks so much for all of the support, one way or another. Take care of your wellness!

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