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Emotions & Mental Health: K to Primary

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

*Finishing one for older students by this evening!* Stay tuned!

Hi everyone! This is an incredibly important topic for me as I have my own mental health. I have shared in the blog that I have been diagnosed as having Adjustment Disorder. I think it is so important that we honour and support one another in our mental health journeys! I used to actually work in mental health and addictions before starting in education! Therefore, this is even more important to me, and a part of why I am such a big advocate overall and cannot stress enough why we need to use our voices to help move forward!

Bell Let’s Talk Day Thursday, January 28
Download • 2.78MB

Google Doc Copy, edit it as per your students' needs...

Completely optional, and only if you wish to. Thank you all! Take of your selves, mental health matters! Always here to connect if you need to speak!

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