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Bell Let's Talk Day! Mental Health Awareness Needs To Be More Than Surface & More Than Talk FOLX!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I have been very open about my #mentalhealth, now more than before, because of social pressures to keep it quiet and #getoverit in the past. I also only recently got a confirmed diagnosis of #adjustmentdisorder and was relieved as I finally got around to making sense of why I acted and reacted with such intense feelings at times that might seem trivial to others and make me think I wasn't normal or wonder what was wrong with me. Who really decides what "normal" is? It is so incredibly subjective and based on the constructs we conform ourselves to believe as become "socialized " to the social mores of others, all the while ignoring and honouring what is that we need. I live and love passionately and with deep commitment to what matters to me and for the first time in a very long time, I am okay with this.

I will not be silenced when it comes to matters of advocacy. I speak out and up about what matters. I am so grateful and appreciative to those in my circle that have been there through it all, no matter what! For that I thank you, and you know who you are. A support system is critical and it does not always have to be large. It comes down to quality over quantity, and I cannot stress this enough. I used to think that it was important to have a large group of friends, but as I have grown and outgrown relationships, I am learning who I am and who I need and deserve around me. This realization takes so much time, and continues to evolve as I do. The only person I now regret losing as a result of friendships dying a natural death, is myself in that process. Self worth when you deal with mental health is seriously questionable, and I reflect on why I may have over extended myself for others and relationships that no longer served either party, really makes you realize that it is okay and to walk away from people and situations that no longer help you grow or support you. This growth also includes a reciprocal level of support, growth and understanding. I appreciate the memories, but there comes a time when you close certain chapters of your life and leave them there. Grow from them, don't let them destroy your current level of happiness.

Growing up in a culture (all cultures are guilty of this) that doesn't understand or even admit that mental health and the need to support it is baffling. There is a growing level of awareness around mental health and our need to "support" it, but I feel like so much of it is surface and serves to check off tick boxes that make others feel better about addressing it, "supporting it" and then it's "done." The thing is, it doesn't end with training, watching a video or saying, I support you. It happens and is demonstrated through action, is organic, and people see through the facades of support society seems to make us believe are present.

With the rising levels of stress related issues to Covid 19, now more than ever, be there for one another!


I used to work in mental health and addictions before going into teaching and I cannot tell you how much I wondered, what's wrong with me while supporting others and doing the work that I loved. I just assumed it was "just depression" and went along and "coped." As time passed, I got the help I needed and did what I had to do. I am currently in the process of psychotherapy, and am glad that I started. It takes time, courage and hard work to undo some of the trauma that we have experienced, but so important!

No two people are alike, nor are any two diagnoses of mental health and how we are impacted by them. Don't assume... support. Love. Listen. I also take medication, which works for me. Everyone does not take it, and that is not our call to make. Many medications have side effects that are complex, but many are afraid of what society has told them regarding why one should or should not take medication. Speak to your doctor, and talk about a support plan that will work for you. In my previous and personal experiences, when taking medication, it sadly sometimes gets worse than better. Be aware of this, and be prepared for this. Talk to your doctor about it! Look as well to your local mental health agencies or crisis lines if you feel too overwhelmed. There is always help and always a reason to go on.

We also need to stop telling people what their wellness repertoire should look like. I share this openly today because this is every day for me. I am more than Adjustment Disorder, a diagnosis, an "illness." I am me. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, advocate, helper, fighter and so much more! Don't ever let others define you. This my journey so far, and I am so happy to share pieces of it with you.

I have had so many people reach out through Instagram and other social media platforms where I have opened up and been vulnerable.

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Honoured to share my story, hear those of others and continue helping overwhelmed educators that are seriously struggling right now while trying to juggle tons of others roles that we do on a daily basis. We do the work because we love it. However, there needs to be some kind of balance, now more than ever with Covid 19!

If you like my resources and would like to say thank you. Take care of yourselves, mental health matters! You matter, and always use your voice to speak up against injustices!

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