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My Mental Health Journey

Mental health impacts 1 in 4 individuals. It is great that there has been progress in society recognizing it's importance.  Much like racism being recognized, it needs to more than surface! Nonetheless, I think it is so important to be open about mental health so that we can start seeing it for what it is, normal and something that many of use deal with!


I have struggled with understanding it and assumed it was all #depression, but I finally got a diagnosis. I was recently diagnosed with #Adjustment Disorder. I cannot tell you how much I struggled with trying to make sense of the feelings I felt. I have never been more relieved to make sense of it. As part of my wellness repertoire, I take medication and have recently started psychotherapy. Why so open? Why not? I feel in society we have continued to treat those with mental health as less than and tell them to constantly "get over it," but we need to support one another. I used to work in mental health and addictions before going into teaching and over analyzed myself so much and thought the worst! Again, super relieved to have a proper diagnosis. In a nutshell, adjustment disorder causes a person to experience more stress than would normally be expected in response to a stressful or unexpected event. Makes sense :) 

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