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Gurpreet Singh-Rai

Hello, and welcome to my (eek!  Super excited!) online page! As is human nature, I wish I had started blogging about my journey sooner, but better late than never as the adage goes! I am a 38 year old mother to two boys aged 2 and 5, partner to my husband, and teacher in a school board in Ontario among other roles. My pronouns (#pronouns matter) are she and her. I can happily say that i have been bitten by the "union bug" and am a proud member of our local's executive.  I am also actively involved with some amazing colleagues who have become dear friends of mine through an initiative called Teaching Beyond the Surface #Teachingbeyondthesurface . I started my @keto_preet #ketopreet journey on July 22, 2019 when I felt incredibly overwhelmed and tired! I can say that it has been one of the best decisions  I made for my body. I say my body, because the reality is everyone will have their opinions about how you ought to eat amongst other unsolicited life advice you likely did not ask them for.  I suppose we are all guilty of doing this though :)  Nonetheless, I started my #ketopreet journey at 184 pounds and got down to 149 at one point. Although I am not at 149, I am still feeling better than I did for the many years leading up to my decisions to start embracing the keto lifestyle.  I am also proud to share that I have also kept most of the said weight off.  However, Covid 19 has not been easy to deal with, as many might attest to, but I am still so blessed and recognize how fortunate I am to have steady employment (part of recognizing my privilege through the social justice lense) that I think is so important. I  have also become more open about my mental health and the respective impact it has on my wellness, but will share more about that later. The reality is we need to be more open and accepting about mental health and that can only happen when we have honest conversations about our own realities.   Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting my blog!

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